From Passion to trade, we make it easy for people to invest in Music rights. For the past decade, music composers have lost out to services such as Pirate Bay, ĀµTorrent and streaming platforms, failing to provide the infrastructure needed for intellectual property.

Zeptagram are on a mission to open-up a closed market for music rights and to give back power to music creators all over the globe.

Zeptagram, the intellectual property rights

trading platform powered by blockchain.


Born in Sweden, we are getting ready to revolutionize the music industry. Zeptagram is a superfast growing trading platform based on blockchain technology. Working closely with artists and content creators all over the world we strive to offer the most lucrative platform for investment and trading of music rights. At Zeptagram you will find a team of highly experienced professionals who live and breathe Tech, Music and finance with a global outlook. With over 50 years experience from fintech, the music industry, marketing and blockchain; we know our stuff.

Make sure to follow us on our journey, The NASDAQ for music rights!

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Christina Löwenström

Founder & CEO

[email protected]

T: + 46 739 62 89 71

Johan Forsman Löwenström

Founder & CTO

[email protected]

T: + 46 739 62 89 71

Sukesh Kumar Tedla

Blockchain Architect

Emanuel Andersson

Business Developer & Board Member

Andreas Albertsson

Business Developer & Board Member

Richard Rydell

Strategic Advisor & Board Member